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18th September 2018 

Links - For help and advice on specific problems please click on the links below:


Mind - The Mental Health Charity (search for 'Abuse')
Children (search for 'Abuse')
(also gives details of Childline and Help for Adults concerned about a Child)
Domestic Abuse
Vulnerable Adults

Anxiety, Stress and Panic

Anxiety, Panic & Phobias (search for 'Anxiety' then follow the links)
Managing Stress (search for 'Stress')


Cruse Bereavement Care
Bereavement (search for 'Bereavement')
Bereavement (search for 'Bereavement')


Depression Alliance
National Self-Help Group

Mental and physical health

Mental Health Foundation
Mental and physical health (search for 'mentalphysicalhealth')
Mind - The Mental Health Charity


Employee Rights
Equal Opportunities
Health and Safety (follow links to 'Employment')
Help fom TUC

Health at Work
Health at Work (search for 'Health at Work'and follow links to website)
Mental Health Discrimination
Work and Mental Health (search for 'Work and Mental Health')
Mind - The Mental Health Charity (search for 'Mental Health at work' and follow links)