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18th September 2018 
Coaching and Mentoring. Mike

Coaching and Mentoring

Many people feel the need to talk through things that are bothering them but don’t want or need counselling or psychotherapy. Some even find the idea of having therapy is tantamount to admitting inadequacy or weakness or feel that, simply, therapy is not for them.

The terms ‘mentoring and ‘coaching’ imply working with an experienced practitioner to build on your existing strengths and formulate effective life management strategies. The focus is on the present and the future.

My working life has been rich and varied. Having worked initially in a major service industry, I subsequently spent 20 years in one of the City markets before training in psychotherapy.

I have been both an employer and an employee. I have had to make people redundant and have twice been made redundant myself.

With experience in both the public and private sectors, I have worked for national organisations and large and small businesses.

My last 25 years have been spent as a self-employed professional counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor and mentor.

If you feel that you might benefit from taking some time to talk things though with me confidentially, please do contact me to arrange an initial FREE 30 minute no obligation session.