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18th September 2018 

What happens in therapy

Therapy is a joint venture between therapist and client and having a good working relationship is known to contribute to a positive outcome. So it's very important to choose someone you feel you can relate to well enough to talk freely about your problems.

Your first FREE appointment

The first meeting is your opportunity to discuss your problems and goals and to see whether therapy with me is likely to be helpful to you. This exploratory 30 minute session is free of charge: you don’t have to commit to anything further at this stage.

Time-limited or open-ended therapy

If you decide to continue, you can choose to have a fixed number of sessions or we can work together in an open-ended way with regular reviews.

I usually recommend starting with once weekly meetings.

What happens during sessions?

I will encourage you to talk about yourself so we both gain a clearer picture of what it's like to be you and start to understand how you experience your life. This will give you the opportunity to gain insights and recognise the possibility of change, and for us to explore together what it might be like for you to live differently.

Reviews and ending

It is important that therapy gives you value for money so, especially in open-ended work, we will review progress on a regular basis. Unlike many endings in life which can be unexpected and painful, when you choose to finish therapy we can do so in a way which suits you best.